Do you need a home survey when buying or selling a house?


When you're buying a house, you may be tempted to skip having a home survey done -- after all, it may seem like an unnecessary extra expense on top of an already expensive purchase. Here are a few reasons we always recommend the buyer get a survey.

As some of the most experienced property surveyors in Waukesha, Wisconsin, we can tell you that getting a survey when you buy a house is usually a smart idea. Many lot lines and fences have been built without a property survey in place, and if you buy a house without being aware of these issues, you can be in for some painful (and expensive) legal problems.

An old survey is certified to the seller, not to the buyer. Your new survey should be conducted and certified to you, the buyer. Your new survey will locate existing improvements (including any new ones since the old survey), easements, and identify any encroachments over the lot lines (driveways, fences, buildings, etc.) Optional items to consider adding to the survey are setting lot corner irons, marking lot lines, and identifying areas within the flood plain.

Knowledge of the flood plain is especially important, as we discovered here in Waukesha County last year. Extensive flood damage caught many homeowners unaware, some of whom may have bought flood insurance had they known their property had issues.
An experienced survey team can make all the difference. A current, thorough, and professional survey. can give you peace of mind to your important home purchase.